by Madeleine Co. (Nicole Bazuin, Alexandra Hong, Cheryl Hsu)

Creative Catalyst is a research symposium on art and social innovation that brings together Canadian artists, designers, researchers, industry, and community members in discussion on how arts and culture catalyzes social innovation. The conference was designed and led by Madeleine Co., in collaboration with co-investigators Dr. Wendy Cukier and Dr. Janine Marchessault.

In the face of wicked social problems, radical innovation is required to change perspective and shift culture. Artists and creatives are at the forefront of communicating social change, using artistic expression and creative practice to open up a space for critical reflection, dialogue, and idea generation.

Creative Catalyst featured keynotes by Edward Burtynsky (Canadian photographer) in conversation with Sophie Hackett, Judith Marcuse (Founder & Co-Director of the International Centre of Art for Social Change; Ashoka International Senior Fellow), and Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert (Co-Founders, Center for Artistic Activism).

Creative Catalyst was funded by SSHRC.